Who we are - MiPoppins
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Does this situation ring a bell?


You’re at your front door, or your mobile rings, or you’re looking for your wallet, and suddenly that particular object you’re looking for has vanished. No matter how hard you look, you just can’t find it. You know it’s there, but it just won’t be found.

We realised that handbags, like many other products intended for female users, give priority to aesthetics over practicality.

What if we create bags in which what really matters is in the inside?

The idea was left floating around in our minds without ever touching ground.

Some time later, our personal circumstances changed and the idea of our project reemerged with greater clarity. If what really matters is in the inside, the brand must have a solid and coherent personality. We didn’t want to use any materials of animal origin or that would contaminate the planet.


On many occasions we felt hesitant about how to approach the idea, but we always knew that we wanted to create something that would have a positive impact on the world.

We started researching about materials and discovered that finding one that would suit our needs was not as easy as we thought it would be.


When we discovered Piñatex it was love at first sight: an innovative, sustainable and vegan material as an alternative to animal skin. At that moment we saw it so clear that it was either that material or neither.

And since we are stubborn by nature, the more we were told it was hard to get, the more we wanted it. And we got it!

Then we fought to get the inside material, packaging, cards and labels to meet the same sustainability criteria.
Mipoppins is a project that carries sustainable and social awareness in its DNA from its embryonic stage. That is why 5% of the profit made from each bag goes to NGOs that work improving the lives of women in different parts of the world.
That is how we began to walk the path that brings us before your eyes today. We hope you like the result.
The team that makes up MiPoppins comes from very different backgrounds, and because of its members’ diverse characteristics they complement each other perfectly.

The ideologist


She works in an advertising agency. Before she had a MiPoppins of her own she used to think she had lost her keys 40% of the times she looked for them, since she couldn’t find them inside her bag.


At Mipoppins, she is the communications director. She is the one who brings creativity and all kinds of crazy ideas to the project.

The instigator


He’s an auditor, he has way too much work and he’s short of sleep. But his will and enthusiasm for the project make up for everything else. His financial vision is key.


His energy was the impetus that made Mipoppins leave the plane of ideas and become a reality.

The executor


Coming from the world of science, her knowledge in this field allows her to approach problems from a different perspective. She is meticulous and perfectionist. Her kryptonite is bread crumbs on the table.


She is the head that carries out the project, the one who organises and executes all the pending tasks.